We were founded in Beijing, a city that’s in constant, dizzying motion. It just felt like the perfect place to start something that we wanted to be both iconic and iconoclastic.

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BREW VIEW with Octavio Costa

I’m acting focused on what I really believe: beer is a state of mind that is bringing people together, a huge friendship network, positively hyperactive, creative and prolific for the economical and social sustainability.

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Koliko puta ste nekog iz svoje okoline, ko misli da zna dosta o pivu i pivarstvu, čuli da pun sebe izgovara “voda je najbitnija za pivo” ili “bez dobre vode nema dobrog piva”…

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BREW VIEW with George Alexakis

Hi from Thessaloniki! I am George from the Hoppy Pub. I’m the publican of the Hoppy Pub and co organizer of Thessaloniki Beer Festival and hopefully Thessaloniki Craft Beer Experience when all this madness ends

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BREW VIEW with Nick Calder Scholes

Im from New Zealand and I have a funny accent. Like most, I started homebrewing then realised I wanted some to pay me to do it! Decided to do my IBD certificate then go find someone stupid enough to hire me

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BREW VIEW with Matt Brophy

Let's start with a story about your first trip to Belgrade! Tell to our readers and beer lovers, how was that experience?

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Arts and Crafts!

Beer is not just one of the world's most popular beverages. In many ways, we can also view it as art. Beer is a passion of collectors, as well. No one is indifferent to beer labels. Even those who don't like the taste of beer.

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