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about dogma brewery:

We like beer but we like sharing it with friends more. In our fermentors we mix not only knowledge, love, imagination, experience but also lucidity. We will be creating Dogma as long as there are stories to be told while enjoying our beer. For us Dogma is what we feel when we see you order another round.

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HOPTOPODHoptopodIndia Pale Ale / 6,5% alc

This is the beer which will burst your senses! Combination of basic and light caramel malts gives light and dry body which...

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SVETIONIKSvetionikPale Ale / 5,5% alc

Exsremly drinkable pale ale, created as an “all day-all year” beer. Light body with golden color and moderate bitterness...

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ALBINOAlbinoWhite IPA / 6,5% alc

Albino White IPA is a beer style created somewhere between Belgian Wit and well known India Pale Ale. We’ve combined...

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SUMMER ALESummer aleSummer Ale / 4,5% alc

There is not much of a mystery here - we wanted to make summer beer and we made SUMMER ALE! The golden yellow color and...

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RASPBERRY HEFEWEIZENRaspberry hefeweizenAle brewed with raspberries / 4,5% alc

Hefeweizen is a well-known style of German wheat beer. Synonym for fullness of flavor and aroma of cloves obtained by...

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PLUTONIUM PINEAPPLEPlutonium pineapplePineapple Milkshake DIPA / 7,2% alc

If you love our Plutonium Orange Milkshake Double IPA, there is a big dilemma ahead of you. What to drink, old or new...

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LIBERBEERLiberbeerSession IPA / 5,4% alc

Another special beer from Dogma's arsenal! This beer was brewed for a unique state - Liberland. This IPA Session brings...

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TRKAČTrkacSession Ale / 4,42% alc

They are from Belgrade. They are urban. And they run. They run so much that Dogma suits them the most right after the...

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AYAHUASCAAyahuascaJungle Ale / 5,2% alc

Are you brave enough to try - AYAHUASCA Jungle Ale? South American jungle hiding numerous secrets. One of the long hidden...

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CRNA KRAVACrna kravaMilk Stout / 4,5% alc

Crna Krava in Serbian means Black Cow. That name is simply created cause of this dark beer brewed with lactose. Tasting...

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MISS QUINCEMiss quincePale Ale with Quince / 5,5% alc

This is beer which is unique among Serbian brewers. Idea was to use fruit which is in Serbia popular for producing famous...

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NEIPA 03Neipa 03New England IPA / 6,7% alc

Dogma and Garden Brevery, as a result of the first Serbian-Croatian collaboration, bring you New England IPA, which...

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BRATEBrateWest Coast Lager / 4,5% alc

This is not an ordinary lager beer. Our brewers cooked together this hybrid lager with colleagues from the legendary Milan...

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FLYING DOGMAFlying dogmaGalaxy IPA / 6,6% alc

Dogma Brewery proudly present the first collaboration of one Serbian and one American craft brewery. We hosted the main...

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PLUTONIUMPlutoniumMilkshake Orange DIPA / 7,5% alc

Plutonium Orange Milkshake Double IPA is a beer with a radioactive name. But also it has radioactive taste! Brewed in...

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CRUSTYCrustyThe Spring Saison / 5,8% alc

“Crusty The Spring Saison” je osvežavajuće pivo proisteklo iz saradnje dve srpske kraft pivare poznate po pomeranju...

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CAN ON BALLZCan on ballzIPA with gunpowder tea and lupulin powder / 5,5% alc

Second international collaboration for Dogma Brewery. This time we were visitors of our friends of Reketye from Budapest....

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SMASH CHINOOKSmash chinookChinook Session IPA / 4,7% alc

“S.M.A.S.H.“ is a well known term in brewing terminology. It describes the beer which is produced with Single Malt And...

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SMASH MOSAICSmash mosaicMosaic Session IPA / 4,7% alc

“S.M.A.S.H.“ is a well known term in brewing terminology. It describes the beer which is produced with Single Malt And...

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Dogma Tap Room is a unique Belgrade city spot. Just 5 minutes drive from city center, placed in a complex of First Serbian Sugar Factory, this tap room gives you something which neither one pub can in Serbian capital. Industrial-inspired enterior with 170m2 of place and 7m long bar gives you oportunity to enjoy Dogma and quest beers with an special view of production facility. At this spot you can enjoy with your friends while in production part brewers are creating beer magic!

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    11030 Belgrade, Serbia

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  • mon - sun | 12:00 - 00:00

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